RWTH Aachen University presents Translucent Concrete Tile to German House

© DWIH New Delhi

The German House for Research and Innovation – DWIH New Delhi was gifted with a Translucent Concrete Tile manufactured by LUCEM GmbH, Stolberg, Germany, with optical fibers arranged in such a way to depict the name “DWIH”.

It was handed over by Dr.-Ing. Mohit Raina, Managing Director, Raina Industries Private Limited, on behalf of the Institut für Textiltechnik RWTH Aachen University and LUCEM GmbH, Germany. Dr. Alexander P. Hansen, Chairman of the German House, received this beautiful high-tech composite in appreciation of the extensive activities of DWIH New Delhi to promote German science, research and education.  RWTH is a member of the DWIH New Delhi consortium. RWTH and Raina Industries Pvt. Ltd. took part in the DWIH Excellence on Tour Road Show in Kolkata and other events.

The translucent concrete was initially developed as a result of DFG funded Collaborative Research Centre at the RWTH Aachen University. It is a concrete based composite building material with light-transmiting properties due to embedded optical elements — usually optical fibers. Light passes through the composite from one end to the other. Depending on the fiber arrangement, one can achieve a certain light pattern on the concrete surface.  It can be produced in a variety of appearances mimicking granite, marble or other natural stones and may be combined with LEDs to emit different colors or even pictorial patterns.

The Translucent Tile will be placed in the premises of the German House as an exhibit of German excellence in research and innovation. It is a prime example how fundamental research can lead to completely new applications, help industrial innovation and the development of completely new industries. With the establishment of Raina Industries Pvt. Ltd. it also highlights the Indo-German cooperarion.