University of Cologne Summer School in the Himalayas 2016

The University of Cologne (UoC) Indian Summer School in Himalayas project was launched by the UoC International Office in August 2015 with the idea to impart knowledge at the inter-cultural level along with the educational level.

Students from various faculties and different study areas of UoC and China-NRW Alliance Universities, such as University of Muenster, University of Wuppertal and TU-Dortmund participate in the summer school. In order to give insight about the rich cultural heritage and beauty of India, various activities such as academic and tourist excursions, lectures, Hindi language lessons for beginners, yoga, etc. are offered. The first ever 2-week summer school organised by UoC International Office and UoC India Regional Branch office took place in August-September 2015. It commenced in Delhi with a city tour through the old town including important sights and temples, thereafter continued on to Dehradun and Anjanisain in the hills of the Himalayas, and ended in Haridwar and Rishikesh. Lectures were offered on the topics such as, pre- and post-colonial history, marginalized communities in Indian society, the role of religion, and issues and challenges of development in India, etc. Similarly, the 2nd Summer school was organised in Augsut 2016, wherein a trip to the Taj Mahal was also added as the tour highlight. Reference: Cologne Summer Schools website