2017 Call for Max Planck-India Mobility Grants open!

Max-Planck-India Mobility Grants (MPIMG) are travel grants by which cooperation between young Indian scientists and Max Planck Institutes is to be initiated. Scientists who are awarded these grants must spend a minimum of one month per year at a Max Planck Institute.

The hosting Max Planck Institute will receive EUR 3,000 per year for four years out of MPG central funds to cover costs for travel, accommodation, per diem and consumables for the Mobility Grant Holder. Qualified, promising Indian postdocs (so-called “young faculty” in India) are eligible to be nominated for the Max Planck India Mobility Grants by a director of a Max Planck Institutes. Candidates should have obtained their doctorate no longer than four years ago (for a doctorate in medicine: no longer than six years).

Application documents can be asked for at:

Max Planck Gesellschaft, Ms. Renate Bischof-Drewitz, bischof-drewitz@gv.mpg.de