GIZ organises CIM Networking Meet for Integrated & Returning Experts

Competence in Motion organised the CIM Networking Meet for Integrated & Returning Experts in India on 21 – 22 August, 2017 in New Delhi. The two-day event aimed at apprising the experts with GIZ supported programmes in India.

The event also aimed at forstering networking and possible synergies among the participants as well as GIZ and other German organisations. As part of the Meet, different organisation such as GIZ, DWIH, and FICCI presented an overview of their in India through info sessions. The highlight of the event was a marketplace put up by the CIM experts showcasing their exemplary work in their respective organisations and sectors in India.

Centre for International Migration (CIM) is a joint operation between GIZ and German Federal Employment Agency (BA) and forms a competence centre for worldwide Labour Market Mobility. CIM taps the potential that global migration offers for sustainable development. Competence in Motion is responsible for implementation of activities for Centre for International Migration in India through its support to two programmes:

Global Programme Migration for Development Programme: Looks at migrants as bridge builders between Germany and their countries of origin. The programme has five components: Development Oriented Return, Diaspora Cooperation, and Business Ideas for Development, Migration Advise and Migration Policy Advise. Under the first focal area, Programme Migration for Development (PMD) supports engagement of migrants from developing and emerging countries by placing them with development sector organizations and by providing financial support for the first two years of their return. Currently, CIM PMD supports 14 Returning Experts in India.

Integrated Experts Programme: Integrated Experts are highly qualified German or European experts and managers placed in organisations through CIM. At present 7 Integrated Experts are financed in India.