DWIH Annual Conference "Waterscapes" in New Delhi (Prof Karl Schneider)

Climate change, urbanization, industry advancement and associated pollution, and growing world population are constantly raising the demand for water resources. Water scarcity has increasingly received attention as being a severe threat to human well-being and to the safety of the planet.

In India and in Germany, scholars and practitioners stress the need for a new paradigm in water management and governance, the overarching goal in the water domain being water security. The DWIH flagship annual symposium ‘WaterScapes’ aims at bringing together eminent scholars, leading experts and practitioners from Germany and India. In a knowledge transfer environment that bridges science, policy and practice, the participants will present their work, initiatives and ideas, exchange their views and approaches, and jointly seek for commonalities and innovative solutions (e.g., transforming hazards into opportunities) to secure a sustainable and efficient water resource management.

Professor Karl Schneider of University of Cologne works in the research group of Hydrogeography and Climatology, addressed the topic “URBANISATION AND SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT” at the Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi on the 5th of October 2017.