The past and the future of Vocational Education and Training in India: A report about the Skill-conference in India.

The Center for Modern Indian Studies (CMIS) and the German Research Center for Comparative Vocational Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Matthias Pilz from the University of Cologne (UoC) were hosting a conference about vocational education and skill formation on the 24th and 25th of October in Delhi.

The hosts were more than happy to welcome numerous highly- respected researchers from several Indian and German research facilities. The researchers presented their various projects about Vocational Education and Skill Development. Those projects were arranged with the help of the CMIS and the German funding agency DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). The projects had a wide range within the field of Vocational education like e.g. the quality of ITIs, informal learning in the informal sector as well as the demand-driven approaches in Skill Development. Subsequently the researchers signed the so called Declaration of Delhi. The Declaration can be seen as the cornerstone for the future of research between Indian and German scientists in Vocational Education. It will strengthen the research infrastructure in India and will help to develop new fields of research with the focus on sustainable Skill Development of workers in India.

Held On: 24th and 25th of October 2017 at German House, New Delhi.

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