Mycenaean palaces not destroyed due to Earthquakes

The Bronze Age Mycenean palaces in Greece were not destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake, as previously widely accepted. No one knows exactly why the Mycenaean palaces ended around 1200 BC; also a mega-earthquake or an “earthquake storm” at the end of the Bronze Age were accepted.

“We could not find any evidence for this hypothesis in the Mycenaean cities of Tiryns and Midea,” explains geophysicist Professor dr. Klaus-Günter Hinzen from the University of Cologne and the archaeologist Professor dr. Joseph Maran from the University of Heidelberg.

They have published their thesis “Reassessing the Mycenaean Earthquake Hypothesis: Results of the HERACLES Project from Tiryns and Midea, Greece” in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (doi: 10.1785 / 0120170348). The project was carried out by the Universities of Cologne and Heidelberg with the support of the Greek Antiquities Administration and half funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

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