How Germany is Winning at Turning its Research to Commercial Application

According to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, “Innovations are the key to growth, employment, prosperity and quality of life.” In line with this vision, the German government’s High Tech strategy “stands for the aim of moving Germany forward on its way to becoming a worldwide innovation leader.”

“The strategy, previously slated to run until 2020, was extended in September 2018 to 2025. Its aim is that 3.5% of gross domestic product — one-third from government and two-thirds from the private sector — will be devoted to research and development (R&D). Areas of focus include the digital economy, sustainable energy, changes in the workplace, healthy living, improved transportation and secure infrastructure. The government is also working to make the transfer of knowledge between university and industry easier, and to make Germany friendlier for start-up firms and for foreign workers,” says the international journal of science, Nature, in a recently published article.