Announcement - Research Internships at Institutes under Forschungszentrum Jülich

Forschungszentrum Juelich seeks excellent undergraduate students, who are interested in getting hosted by professors in the centre for a research internship, between April/May 2020.

The applicant can apply to any of the Institutes below that have shown keen interest in hosting research interns. The applicant is advised to peruse through the websites for more information on the kind of research the Institutes engage in.

List of Institutes

Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics (ZEA-2)

Contact Person: Dr. J. van den Boom

Target domains: Research in electrical engineering with focus on integrated systems, IC development, signal processing (analog, digital), digital architectures.

Research areas: Detector development, quantum computing, neuromorphic computing

Peter Grünberg Institute of Electronic Materials (PGI-7)

Contact Person: Dr. Vikas Rana

Research in electrical engineering, material science, physics with the focus on nanoscale devices and technology, resistive switching devices, computation-in-memory, neuromorphic computation.

Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Dirk Pleiter, Group Leader “Application Oriented Technology Development”

Research in computer architectures and technologies for high performance computing and extreme-scale data applications.

Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Medical Imaging Physics (INM-4)

Contact person: Ms. C. Lennertz

Target domains: Research in physics, computer sciences, medicine.

Research area: Biomedical Imaging

Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, Brain and Behaviour (INM-7)

Contact person: Ms. A. M. Geiger, Research Coordinator

Target domains: Research in neuropsychology, computational engineering, medicine.

Research areas: Predicting biomarker development, predicting behavioural neuroscience, brain variability, applied machine learning, cognitive neuroinformatics, mathematical neurosciences, psychoinformatics.

Institute of Complex Systems, Structural Biochemistry (ICS-6)

Contact person: Prof. Renu Batra-Safferling

Target domains: Research in biology, biotechnology and biochemistry.

Research areas: High resolution, three-dimensional structures of the proteins using X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy, Alzheimer’s disease, signal transduction, blue light photoreceptors, light oxygen voltage (LOV) proteins mediated signaling, protein-ligand interactions.

Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Photovoltaics (IEK-5)

Contact person: Dr. T. Merdzhanova

Target domains: Research in physics, material sciences, electrical engineering.

Research areas: Development of energy materials in solar cells.

There are other institutes as well that the candidates may explore in order that their research interests are addressed.

Selected applicants from FZ Juelich may apply to the Working Internships in Science and Engineering (WISE) scholarship programme offered by the DAAD. They must fulfil the eligibility criteria, requirements and conditions ((DAAD scholarship funds internships between May and August only).

Application Deadlines and More Information

Applications open: 15 September 2019

Applications close: 1 November 2019

More information on funding possibilities through WISE and eligibility criteria: