Call for Proposals: Cooperation on Climate Change and Polar Research between Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and the European Union (EU) under 'HORIZON 2020'

Researchers and innovators from universities and research organisations from India can team up with European partners in the calls for proposals published by the European Commission (EC) under its Research and Innovation programme ‘Horizon 2020’ (2014-2020).

Based on the principle ‘Horizon 2020′ Open to the World’, Indian entities can participate in all Horizon 2020 Calls but they are not funded by Horizon 2020. To ensure funding for successful Indian applicants, MoES and the EC have concluded a Co-Funding Mechanism (CFM) by which MoES agrees, in pre-selected calls, and subject to specific conditions and modalities, to fund the successful Indian participants that have been selected in Horizon 2020 project(s).

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) has agreed to co-fund successful Indian applicants in two call topics in areas under its mandate.

List of co-funded calls:

Title Topic Identifier Type of Action Opening Deadline model Single Stage Second-Stage
The cryosphere
Polar climate: understanding the polar processes in a global context in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions LC-CLA-17-2020 RIA 12 November 2019 two-stage 13 February 2020 03 September 2020
Knowledge gaps
Developing the next generation of Earth System Models LC-CLA-18-2020 RIA 12 November 2019 two-stage 13 February 2020 03 September 2020

Further Information

For the detailed text of the call, eligibility conditions and other information, please refer to the MoES Web Notice