Recognising the Corona Crisis as a Chance: Prof Dr Joybrato Mukherjee, President, DAAD

DAAD President Prof. Dr. Mukherjee explains, why academic exchange will become even more important in the future.

Excerpts from the Statement

“Like no other event of the past century, COVID-19 has brutally demonstrated how closely our fates are tied on this planet. No one knows what the cure for COVID-19 will be, but we do know that without science, research and international cooperation, we will not overcome this crisis. The Chinese word for crisis is comprised of two symbols, one that means danger and the other chance. The danger forces us to doubt our actions and former beliefs, find new solutions, venture down new paths even if we do not know where they may lead – this is the positive side of a crisis. We must use this chance for international collaboration.”

“What we need now is not less but more international cooperation, more academic exchange.”

“It is clearly upto us, whether we recognise this crisis for what it is – a chance.”

Information on effects of COVID-19 on the work of the DAAD

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