Project Impact - Impact of COVID-19 on Cities and Mobility

While the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are still unravelling, there is wide consensus already on one aspect: this crisis will impact urban living, businesses and technology in a manner that suggests such disruptions could become the new normal. Further, it will require a paradigm shift in current approaches to cope with them.

To obtain more insights on this subject, GIZ, Cities Forum, CRDF CEPT and Ideal Management Consultants are undertaking a Research Project named, Project IMPACT.

• This research aims to understand the likely impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on our Cities and Mobilities.
• This research pulls in the thoughts and experience of subject matter experts, policymakers, research scientists, practitioners, academicians and business owners.

The methodology was to prepare and circulate a detailed questionnaire amongst various experts globally to gather their opinion on how cities and city residents are likely to respond during and after this crisis phase.

• The data collected was analyzed and synthesized into a meaningful set of insights. These insights were then shared with leaders and global experts to seek their views.
• The initial findings have now been collated in a White Paper for dissemination to initiate a discussion with various governments and authorities, as well as to further this research.
• This White Paper, the first in a series of research outputs, presents global insights on likely changes that could take place in the Cities and Mobility sector as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can download the white paper below.

White Paper on Global Cities and Mobility Survey (June 2020)