DAAD Programmes for Project-Related Personal Exchange (PPP) 2021

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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) operates the programme “PPP Programmes for Project Related Personal Exchange” with the aim to strengthen the academic relations between a German institution and an institution abroad.

Joint bi-national research projects of a high academic standard shall promote cooperative and preferably complementary research activities and shall enable particularly young academics involved in the project to conduct a research stay at the partner institution abroad, and thereby support them in their international training. For the purposes of these programmes, young academics are defined as junior researchers currently completing their doctorate, and academics at the outset of their academic careers who completed their doctorate no more than five years ago.


Eligible to apply are German universities, higher education institutions, and research institutions. Eligible for funding are research stays in the partner country arising in the project-based collaboration.

Eligible Expenses:
 Mobility of the sponsored participants
 Residence abroad of the sponsored participants

German universities, higher education institutions, and research institutions receive lump-sum allowances for the project-related research stays of their team members. The allowance covers all expenditures within the scope of mobility and the stay of the participant. Eligible for funding are short-term stays of academics (up to 30 days) and young academics (up to 50 days). On the German side, DAAD provides funding for members of the German research group for stays at the foreign partner institution if no other arrangement was made with the foreign partner institution. The funding allowances set at the time of the call for applications apply for the entire project period.

Funding period

The total funding period for a project is generally 2 years. It starts at the earliest 01.01.2021 and will end at the latest 31.12.2023. Funding will not exceed 24 months. Funding can be extended for a further year with some countries. (More below)

For more information on the application procedure, deadlines, selection process, contacts and more, please download the call for proposals.

Further Information

Download: PPP 2021 Call for Proposals [pdf, 504.87 KB]

More information on the programme is available at www.daad.de/ppp