Climate Research and Knowledge - Helmholtz Climate Initiative

The Helmholtz Climate Initiative, started in July 2019, and endowed with twelve million euros, offers an overview of the current state of climate research.

It provides scientifically valid basic and background information on climate change, its causes and consequences, and insights into tools and methods used by climate researchers to arrive at their findings.

Helmholtz Klima-Initiative Organizational chart

The Initiative focuses on the two main clusters Net Zero 2050 (mitigation) and Adapting to Extreme Events (adaptation). As part of 13 research projects in total, Helmholtz scientists are working towards advancing their climate research. They will actively cooperate even more closely to systemically research climate change, as climate change has many causes and affects many areas of our lives. In order to study the impacts of climate change and to develop models for solving these issues, the Helmholtz experts are working together at the intersections of many fields of research.

In addition to breaking new ground in scientific research, Helmholtz plans to strike out in a new direction in terms of communication as well. The Climate Initiative will therefore make engaging in active dialog with society at large a special priority.

The Helmholtz Climate Initiative is financed by the Helmholtz President’s Initiative and Networking Fund. The initially provided twelve million euros will be available for two years. The Helmholtz Climate Initiative is headed by a Steering Committee that President of the Helmholtz Association Otmar D. Wiestler chairs. The Steering Committee members include scientific directors from all Helmholtz research fields.

In total, 15 of the 19 Helmholtz centers are involved in the Helmholtz Climate Initiative.