Research Strengths

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India’s research strengths lie in areas such as chemistry/pharmacy, life sciences, engineering, and information and communication technology. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has quickly catapulted the country into the league of successful space powers.

The Indian government directs research by defining ‘priority areas’, which are then (scientifically and) politically propagated and into which most of the research funding flows. These areas currently include overarching topics such as climate change and nanotechnologies, as well as artificial intelligence and its application, particularly in the areas of health, agriculture, mobility, education and urbanisation. A focus on application-oriented – and here often ‘developmentally relevant’ – research can also be observed in India. Many of the best universities are responding to the imperative of making innovations more rapidly available to the society. With new research parks, establishment of incubators, and efforts towards closer cooperation with industry, the universities support their students, graduates, and scientists in realising their ideas. In the meantime, a lively and interesting ecosystem of science-based start-ups has developed here.

Recently, research has also played a decisive role in the internationalisation of universities. There are new state funding programmes, aimed at attracting foreign scientists to research and teaching activities at Indian universities. Joint research also plays an important role for bilaterally funded partnerships.