Exploring India's Startup Ecosystem

With 24,000 tech startups and more than 110 unicorns—India has risen to become the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world in the last fifteen years. In this fifth-largest economy, the landscape of innovation and research is rapidly evolving, with a systematic push in the recent years for technology transfer at universities and research institutions.

In this talk, Dr. Katja Lasch, Director of DWIH New Delhi, and Aadishree Jamkhedkar, Head of Program Work at DWIH New Delhi, provide insights into the Indian innovation ecosystem, with a focus on science-based entrepreneurship. What lies behind this rapid development? What are the future technology sectors? Why is collaboration with India in research and transfer worthwhile? These and other questions will be answered. Additionally, support offerings from German institutions for cooperation with India will be introduced. Join the event and take the opportunity to gain valuable insights and discover potential collaboration opportunities.


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• Dr. Katja Lasch, Director DWIH Neu-Delhi and DAAD Regional Office New-Delhi
• Aadishree Jamkhedkar, Head of Programmes DWIH New-Delhi

Event Information

July 8, 2024

University of Stuttgart, Freiraum (Campus Vaihingen)
Organizer(s): University Stuttgart, Traces – Transfer Center