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The DWIH New Delhi provides a platform to explore the research, science and innovation landscape in Germany and in India and informs you about research funding, career paths and opportunities for cooperation in Germany.

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The Research and Innovation Landscape in Germany

Science and research in Germany are characterised by an excellent infrastructure, a wide variety of disciplines, well-equipped research facilities and competent staff. Germany offers various forms of research locations: universities, non-university institutes, companies and institutions run by federal or state (Länder) authorities.


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Research Careers in Germany

Various opportunities are on offer for PhD students, postdocs and senior researchers in Germany: A career within university research, at a non-university research institute or in research and development at a German company.


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The Research and Innovation Landscape in India

The Indian research landscape, though relatively small, is quite complex, given the size of the country and the number of scientific, especially academic institutions. India's research strengths lie in areas such as chemistry/pharmacy, life sciences, engineering, and information and communication technology.


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Indo-German Research Cooperation

Indo-German research cooperation has a long-standing history that spans over six decades. Here are some best practice examples of joint research projects between the two countries!


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