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Web-Talk Series: Implications of COVID-19 on Health Care Systems

From 13th-14th April, researchers and innovators from India and Germany come together to discuss challenges and synergies in geriatric care and present technology-based healthcare solutions as public health systems in both countries deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Indo-German Forum: Cities and Climate

Gain insights from ongoing research projects and practical initiatives in the field of Cities and Climate. The event platform remains open for a month for you to access the session recordings and download info-materials! Simply login again!

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Quantum Computing

From being perceived as a science fiction to becoming a reality, quantum computing will go way beyond just faster classical computing in its possibilities and is set to be a game changer to research, economy and society. Track the latest developments in India & Germany!

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Newsletter of the DWIH New Delhi

Germany will invest about 2 billion EUR into a national quantum computer development program, while India has also announced its National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications to the tune of 900 million EUR. We explore why quantum computing is no longer just science fiction!

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Focus Topic Cities and Climate

It is expected that 40 percent of India’s population will be living in conurbations by 2030. The growth of the population is putting pressure on the country’s major cities. Promoting sustainable urbanisation, including integrated policies and measures to reduce the environmental burden posed by cities, is therefore right at the top of the political agenda.

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Research & Innovation

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Research in Germany

Innovation Made in Germany

The DWIH New Delhi provides a platform to explore the research, science and innovation landscape in Germany and in India and informs you about research funding, career paths and opportunities for cooperation in Germany.

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