Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India

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India is fast emerging as an important player in Artificial Intelligence (AI) related research and development. As per a paper produced in March 2021 by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), India is the fourth-largest producer of AI-relevant scholarly papers and ranks in the top ten AI patent producing countries.

AI for All: India’s AI Strategy for Empowering the Next Billion

In the coming decade, AI will add trillions of dollars to the GDP of countries that are well prepared, while others are at the risk of facing the growing challenge of economic inequality resulting from the AI revolution. And that is where India’s AI strategy becomes very relevant.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India: Platforms, Policy Papers, and Reports

Here is a list of some resources including platforms, policy papers, funding programmes, and reports (not exhaustive) on the developments in AI in India.