Science-based Start-ups and Entrepreneurship in Germany

Germany’s start-up scene is heavily influenced by research and development, particularly ever-expanding digital technologies. German universities and research institutions serve as fertile grounds for the germination and nurturing of innovative science-based start-ups which deploy cutting edge advancements to solve societal problems.

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An Overview of the German Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Science-based Start-ups

Focusing on science-based start-ups, Germany is pursuing a long-term agenda of economic empowerment. Find out how public support positively influences the conditions for starting and running a business in Germany!



Start-ups and Innovation: Why Germany?

What edge does Germany have over other research and innovation markets for promoting science-based entrepreneurship? Dr. Ronald Kriedel from TU Dortmund answers in conversation with DWIH New Delhi.


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Science-based Start-ups in Germany: Platforms, Policy Papers and Reports

Here is a list of some of the platforms, policy papers and reports on the German entrepreneurial ecosystem for science-based start-ups (not exhaustive).