DWIH Focus Topic for 2019: Artificial Intelligence

Tablet Computer © iStockphoto

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently being discussed more intensively worldwide than almost any other topic. This is why the German Centres for Research and Innovation are addressing AI in their activities in 2019 and exploring central aspects of AI in their host countries.

Global relevance

For Germany as a country of research and innovation, issues relating to the subject of artificial intelligence play a central role. In all five DWIH host countries, artificial intelligence in science and research is also being explored from every conceivable perspective. The DWIH are ideally suited as forums for fostering an interdisciplinary and international exchange on the important future topic of AI.

The Board of Trustees of the DWIH network has therefore selected artificial intelligence as the overarching focus topic for all five DWIH in 2019. Together with its supporters, each DWIH will thus pursue a variety of activities relating to this topic, creating springboards for further cooperation in the future.

Artificial intelligence is the DWIH network’s annual focus topic

Further information about the choice of the DWIH focus topic for 2019 can be found on the DWIH network’s website.

India: artificial intelligence for the sake of social progress

Artificial intelligence in India is frequently associated with finding solutions to social problems. For example, India’s AI strategy is concentrating on gearing innovations towards areas that are relevant to social progress. These include education, healthcare and hygiene.

The DWIH New Delhi brings together young talents

Fostering the numerous talented students at the universities and Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is also vital for the country’s future. In 2018, students from the University of Bremen accompanied the DWIH New Delhi to the Techfest hosted by the IIT Bombay , where they gave an impressive demonstration of their football-playing humanoid NAO robots. Asia’s largest science and technology festival organised by students lasts just one weekend and attracts some 50,000 visitors each year.