Supporting Science-based Start-ups and Entrepreneurship

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DWIH New Delhi’s entrepreneurship and start-up program helps science entrepreneurs from India and Germany to go international at an early-stage and incubation centres to expand their international network. The program offers them access to the Indian and German start-up ecosystems through information, mentoring, onsite exposure, soft-landing, experience sharing and working in international teams.

Universities and research institutions are important innovation hubs in the German and Indian start-up ecosystems. They enable and encourage entrepreneurial researchers to turn their ideas into marketable products and processes in a straightforward manner. This is where the DWIH New Delhi, which operates at the interface between research and innovation and connects India and Germany, steps in with its entrepreneurship program.

Who can benefit from the program?

  • PhD and PostDocs, who want to turn their ideas in to a start-up
  • Entrepreneurs incubating and early- stage startup founders incubated at a higher education and research institution
  • Founders of early-stage and mature deep science start-ups
  • Managers and start-up advisors at incubation and tech transfer centres

International exposure for entrepreneurs and start-ups

Linking science entrepreneurs globally at an early stage offers them growth opportunities in the future. The entrepreneurship program of the DWIH New Delhi is a gateway for entrepreneurs and science start-ups based in India and Germany to the innovation ecosystem of both countries.

The entrepreneurs and start-ups can:

  • gain knowledge and competencies for growth in a global economy
  • prepare for future international cooperation and market entrance abroad

The entrepreneurship program includes a variety of activities. In the annual Falling Walls Lab, entrepreneurs and researchers from India present their breakthrough ideas. The winners get a first-hand experience in Germany and individual coaching. Throughout the year the DWIH New Delhi provides information on the start-up ecosystems, funding and cooperation on its website and social media channels. In dedicated events such as web-talks, experts, coaches and start-up founders share knowledge and experience. In 2022 entrepreneurs will have the unique opportunity to work on innovative ideas in international teams at an incubator in India.

Internationalisation of incubators

The DWIH entrepreneurship program caters also for institutional cooperation. It supports incubation and transfer centres at higher education and research institutions in their internationalisation.

Incubators can:

  • increase their knowledge on local start-up systems
  • expand their international partner network
  • share ideas and get impulses for their own start-up programs.

Through participation as experts, hosts and mentors in activities such as the Falling Walls Lab and web-talks, incubation centres get direct access to start-ups and can connect with international institutions. Information on start-up systems, innovation policies as well as on resources for international cooperation is regularly published on the DWIH online channels. Workshops bring together Indian and German incubators and offer a space for networking, idea sharing and co-creation of new formats.

Offers for Science Entrepreneurs

The DWIH offers opportunities for international exposure to both early-stage and established science-based start-ups in India, in the form of the annual Falling Walls Lab and Venture (India).

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