Falling Walls Lab India 2020

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Falling Walls Lab is a unique competition that provides young researchers and entrepreneurs a platform to present their research project business plan or social initiative. The challenge is to present this in just 3 minutes! The winner gets to compete with Falling Walls Lab winners (100 International winners!) from across the world at the global Lab finale (that usually takes place in Berlin in November) that will happen online this year. (The winner also usually gets a ticket to the prestigious Falling Walls Conference in Berlin where leaders from science, industry and policy-making meet.)

The Falling Walls Conference is also slated to happen virtually this year, owing to COVID-19.

The trip to Berlin (under usual circumstances) is financed by the DWIH New Delhi.


Students, entrepreneurs, early-career researchers, & academics of all disciplines.


Convince a jury of your idea – in 3 minutes!


Join the growing Falling Walls community & get a chance to attend the global Finale online!


Online (details to be updated soon)

Event Information

August 22, 2020

Organizer: DWIH New Delhi, DAAD, IIT Kanpur

Application Details and Deadline


If you have any questions, please check out these FAQs.

If your question is not listed there, please contacts us at:



24 May 2020

(Applications are now closed.)

Please share a link to your 3-minute presentation video in the same field as your project description. You can host it on any platform of your choice.

Important information for your video presentations:

Video is a mandatory part of the application.
Please pay attention to the following when you make the video:

Making the video:
1. The aim of the video is to the evaluators understand the problem and the solution clearly
2. It is important that they see and hear the applicant speak
3. No complex editing or professional film is required. It can be a simple video shot with a smartphone or a camera.
4. As far as possible only the applicant should be seen in the video. If others are helping with the instrument, holding something etc., that is acceptable.
5. While there can be animations in the film, a completely animated film cannot be accepted
6. There should be no voice-over / another person speaking on behalf of the applicant / machine voice

Hosting and sharing the video:
1. The video can be hosted on any platform (ex. YouTube, Vimeo etc.) or in any cloud (ex. Google drive, Dropbox etc.). Do make sure that the video remains available there till the results are announced.
2. The link to the video should be shared here  with the name and email id that was used to apply for the FWL India 2020.

The focus is the concept and communication!
The video will be used only for shortlisting and will not be shared with anybody except with express consent of the applicant.