Field Visits and Future Collaborations (Cryosphere and Water resources Management)

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Earth Science research needs extensive field related studies for the formulation of collaborations and networking. Fields studies involve identifying  the right  and  suitable research  topic/problem by discussing real issues during field visits with Indian and German academics.

Event Information

February 22 to 28, 2020

New Delhi, Leh, Tirupati
Organizer(s): Heidelberg University, JNU, DWIH New Delhi

In this field related event, climate change issues such as cryosphere  and water resources management  have been picked up for discussion and its relevance in the future Indo-German collaboration in the form of preparing international projects. GI piers that are sensitive to climate change provide an interesting platform from which to study the past and present changes in chemical and physical denudation rates. Increase of groundwater usage in agriculture, industry and domestic  uses is causing  continuous depletion of water levels, drying up of wells and deterioration of groundwater quality. Hence, to protect aquifers to yield water continuously at an economical cost, rainwater harvesting systems and water conservation is of utmost importance for sustainability.


Prof. Peter Bastian

Peter Bastian is a full professor and Group Leader at Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing, Heidelberg Unviersity. He has done extensive research on Simulation and Modelling. He conducts research on areas as wide as Modelling of Transport in strongly heterogeneous soils, Parameter Estimation for heterogeneous porous media, Development of an efficient and flexible Software Framework for partial differential equations (DUNE) and Geo-statistical Inversion of Coupled Processes in Heterogeneous Porous Media.

Prof. Kurt Roth

Kurt Roth holds full professorship and is a Group Leader at Institute for Environmental Physics, Heidelberg University. Kurt Roth works on Modeling and Theory, Simulation, Inversion- Data Assimilation- Knowledge Fusion, soil water flow and the associated transport of nonreactive  solutes  with  a  focus  on  the role  of  soil’s  multi-scale heterogeneity and its intermittent forcing,  developing and demonstrating fundamental methods that are eventually applicable to real systems. His other work areas include Physical Environmental Systems,  Geomorphology, Evolution and Fundamentals of Computational Environmental Physics.

Dr. Nadine Goeppert

Nadine Goeppert works as a senior scientist at Institute of Applied Geosicences, Karlsruhe  Institute    of    Technology.   Prior    to    this assignment she was at Weizmann lnstitute of Science. Her research is on Hydrogeology of aquifers, in particular karst and pore aqu fers, Alpine hydrogeotogy, Labeling techniques with fluorescence try cers, particles, bacteria and bacteriophages, Groundwater protection and quality and Transport of PPCPs and EDCs.

Prof Janardhana Raju

Janardhana Raju is a full professor at School of Environmental Sciences, Jawahar Lal Nehru University. His area of Specializ.ation include Hydrogeology, Environmental Geochemistry and Water Resources Management. His research experience expands 27 years and he is the current Humboldt Ambassador to India.

Prof. A.L. Ramanathan

A.L. Ramanathan is a full professor and Dean at School of Environmental Sciences, Jawahar Lal Nehru University. His areas of Specialization include Environmental Geology, Hydrogeochemistry, Biogeochemistry and Glaciology Laboratory. Prof. Ramanathan has been working intensively on Dynamics of Himalayan Glaciers (such as mass balance, energy balance, hydrology and hydrogeochemistry). His work is well recognized throughout the world. He is also the adjunct faculty in Sweden and Finland.

Prof. Dinesh Mohan

Prof. Dinesh Mohan is a full professor at School of Environmental Sciences, Jawahar Lal Nehru University. A key theme throughout Prof. Mohan’s career has been the merger of basic academic science research with the development of applications to industrial processes. Professor Dinesh Mohan conducts research on water (ground and surface) and wastewater monitoring and development of sustainable treatment  technologies,  use  of  thermochemical platform  for the production   of  biofuels  (bio oil)  from   ignocellulosic biomass. Prof. Mohan is also involved in biochar development, characterization and utilization in water filtration, soil immobitization and fertility, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation.

Prof. Elango Lakshamanan

Elango Lakshamanan is a full professor at Department of Geology, Anna University. With research experience expanding 27 years he has worked a variety of environment related subjects, including Water Management, Hydrogeological interventions, groundwater, modelling , acquirers, salt water intrusion to name a few. He will be joining the team in Tirupati and Delhi.

Mr. Soheb

Mr. Soheb is a Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship, School of Environmental Sciences, Jawahar Lal Nehru University. His research area is Glaciology and Biogeochemistry . His research focuses on Mass Balance and Spatio-Temporal investigation of Glaciers in Ladakh region, Western Himalayas, India. His technical expertise lies in glacial mass balance measurements (in-situ: Stake installation, snow coring at 5350m amsl, snow pits at 5100 m amsl, stake measurements) and mass balance calculations, Glacial Surface Energy balance, melt estimation and AWS (programming, Installation etc. ), Glacial hydrology and analysis, GPR, DGPS Survey, Ice coring etc.

He will be a part of the delegation in Leh and will be a presenter.

Ms. Krati Sharma

Krati Sharma is a Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship , School of Environmental Sciences, Jawahar Lal Nehru University. Her research interests  are Hydrogeology and Environmental Geochemistry and Water Resource Management. Her technical  expertise lies in Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy AAS), Inductively- Coupled Plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES), UV- Visible Spectrophotometer, Remote Sensing and Arc GIS and Basle of R-learning. She will be a part of the delegation in Leh and Tirupati and wilI be a presenter.