India: The New Silicon Valley? Insights into the Indian Innovation and Start-up Ecosystem

Science-based Start-ups in India: Platforms, Reports and Funding Programmes © iStock

With 24,000 tech start-ups and over 110 unicorns, India has emerged as the world’s third-largest start-up ecosystem the last fifteen years. In the fifth-largest economy in the world, the landscape of innovation and research continues to evolve rapidly. In this workshop at the MVpreneur Day 2024, Dr. Katja Lasch, Director of the DAAD Office and the German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New Delhi, India will provide an overview of the innovation and start-up system of the country and answer questions such as: What lies behind this rapid development? What are the key technology sectors of the future? Why is it worth looking towards India for research and start-ups? Additionally, support offers from German institutions for collaboration with India will be introduced. Join the workshop to gain valuable insights and discover potential opportunities for collaboration with India.

Event Information

June 12, 2024, 8:15 PM to 8:45 PM

Arno-Esch-Hörsaal II, Ulmencampus Rostock, 16:45 to 17:15 CET
Organizer(s): University of Rostock, Center für Entrepreneurship