Science Circle Lecture - “Empowering Digital Media: Meaningful, Playful and Natural Human Computer Interaction”

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Event Information

February 16, 2018

New Delhi
Organizer(s): DWIH - German Centre for Research and Innovation New Delhi

Digital Media is omnipresent and digital revolution has already transformed human lives and societies to a great extent. Moreover, the continuation of this trend is also expected to add more and more devices to human surrounding such as cars and household robots making them co-exist with a global infrastructure of information technology in a digital society. Hence focusing on how the new digital society operates, this talk will address the topic of Human Computer Interaction – which shapes the way humans think, communicate and work. Additionally, the lecture will also look at the perspectives of HCI that support human abilities and motivate them in completing their everyday tasks. Computer games that turn tedious work into playful activities, entertainment computing for HCI and various other examples of playful interaction will also be discussed as a part of this event.


Time Programme
17:00 h – 17:30 h Registrations
17:30 h – 17:45 h Welcome Addresses
17:45 h – 18:45 h Talks on “Empowering Digital Media: Meaningful, Playful and Natural Human Computer Interaction” by Prof Dr Rainer Malaka
18:45 h – 19:00 h Q&A Sessions
19:00 h onwards Informal Networking


Prof Dr Rainer Malaka
Professor of Digital Media, University of Bremen

Dr Rainer Malaka is a professor for Digital Media at the University of Bremen since 2006 and his work usually focusses on digital media, interaction, and entertainment computing. At the University of Bremen, he is the director of the Graduate College “Empowering Digital Media” funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation and is also the director of the TZI – the center for computing technologies. Before joining the University, he led a research group at the European Media Lab in Heidelberg and has pursued a PhD degree at the University of Karlsruhe on modeling brain structures using neural networks.

Dr Malaka is the steering board member of the Interdisciplinary College, a multidisciplinary international spring school on cognitive science, neurosciences and AI. He is the German representative in IFIPs technical committee TC14 for Entertainment Computing and is the chair of the committee from January 2018. Above and beyond this, Dr Rainer Malaka is the member of the editorial boards of a number of journals including the Journal on Entertainment Computing and the Journal of Location Based Services amongst others. He has also received several awards for his scientific work, the most notable being the distinguished paper award of IUI, the Klaus Tschira award for Understandable Science and the Research and Innovation Award of the Rhein-Neckar Foundation.


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Event Report

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