Science Circle Lecture “New Insights and Hot Topics from Climate Science”

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Event Information

November 2, 2018

New Delhi
Organizer(s): DWIH - German Centre for Research and Innovation New Delhi

This Science Circle Lecture will cover a range of issues and questions which currently are ‘hot topics’ in the climate science community. Deliberating on serious issues such as recent warming spike and record-breaking temperatures in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the Jet Stream going ‘weird’ and slowing down of the Gulf Stream System, Prof Dr Stefan Rahmstorf and Prof Dr Johan Rockström will explain how and to what extent are recent extreme weather events like heat waves, flash floods and tropical cyclones affected by human-caused climate change. Furthermore, the lecture will also focus on questions such as how much sea-level rise are we already committed to?, have we already passed the critical tipping points in the climate system? and can we still limit warming to well below 2 °C as agreed by all nations in Paris in 2015?


Time Programme
17:00 h – 17:30 h Registrations
17:30 h – 17:45 h Welcome Addresses
17:45 h – 18:45 h Talks on “New Insights and Hot Topics in Climate Science” by Prof Dr Stefan Rahmstorf and Prof Dr Johan Rockström
18:45 h – 19:00 h Q&A Session
19:00 h onwards Informal Networking


Prof Dr Stefan Rahmstorf

Professor of Physics of the Oceans, Potsdam University and Chair of Earth System Analysis, PIK

Dr Stefan Rahmstorf is a Professor of Physics of the Oceans at the Potsdam University and Chair of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. He is a member of the Academia Europaea and served in the German Government’s Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) from 2004-2013. He was also one of the lead authors of the 4th Assessment Report of the IPCC.

In 2007 Dr Rahmstorf became an Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales and a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union in 2010. He has published well over 100 scientific papers (30 in the leading Nature and Science journals and PNAS) and co-authored four books. In 2017 he became the first scientist outside the US to be awarded the Climate Communication Prize of the American Geophysical Union.

Prof Dr Johan Rockström

Director of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Professor Johan Rockström is the director of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and is an internationally recognized scientist for his work on global sustainability issues. He helped lead the globally renowned team of scientists that presented the planetary boundaries framework first published in 2009, with an update in 2015.

An expert on water resources, Dr Rockström’s research aimed to address building resilience in water scarce regions before focusing on the planetary scale. He spent nearly two decades working on applied water research in tropical regions after completing his PhD at Stockholm University’s Systems Ecology Department in 1997. Besides this, Dr Rockström has also published research on agriculture systems, land use and ecosystem services.


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