Web-Talk - Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

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The use of AI in Healthcare is estimated to provide immense opportunities for developing technologies to improve accuracy of care provided as well as provide affordable and good quality access which remains a challenge in many parts of the world.

Event Information

May 19, 2021, 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM

Organizer: DWIH New Delhi

This web talk will present examples on implications of artificial intelligence on healthcare research from international perspectives – from developed as well as developing countries. Both basic research and current and future applications will be discussed to see how AI is helping in advancements in the healthcare sector and acts as a tool for larger societal good.

Key topics covered in the web talk will be big data for improving public health, AI and data science in targeted medicine and AI in MedTech research.

Moderator: Dr. Almuth Wietholtz, Leibniz Association

Further Information

Artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies that will shape the future and is already altering the world. This has prompted governments around the world to develop national strategies. The government of Germany and India adopted their strategies in 2018. Both see AI and research in AI as a significant tool for economic transformation, responsible development but also for overall good of the society. Creating better solutions for societal goods with the help of AI is also discussed in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals which have a strong commitment from both the nations as well. Can AI contribute largely to enable the accomplishment of the SDGs or is AI an inhibitor?

This web talk series will explore the role of AI for three significant SDGs namely Quality Education, Good Health and Well-Being and Zero Hunger. Education, healthcare and agriculture will be addressed from perspectives of developing as well as developed countries. Scientists, experts, decision-makers and professionals across disciplines from India and abroad will present good practices, international projects and recommendations related to AI research for societal good. Topics such as AI driven diagnostics and personalised treatment, AI technology in agriculture and crop improvement, customized learning and tutoring systems with the help of AI will be addressed.

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