Web-Talk - Going International for your Science based Startups

Falling Walls Lab and Venture (India) © iStockphoto

The entrepreneurs of today are born in a global economic system. Linking the local with the global at an early stage in the entrepreneurship offers opportunities for developing their  own business. In the event, entrepreneurs from India and Germany will share their experience while setting up their start-up and journeys into the international market.

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Event Information

June 3, 2021, 5:00 PM to 6:15 PM

Organizer(s): DWIH New Delhi


Alexandra Matthies

Co-Founder, arekapak

Arekapak is developing and producing a functional and aesthetic alternative to conventional packaging. While studying in India, the two German founders experienced the waste problem in India but also observed how natural materials are traditionally processed and used in everyday life. Inspired by their stay, they developed a sustainable packing design made of natural material and fairly produced in India. Alexandra Matthies will share their story and give an insight into how the start-up incubated at HTW Berlin and the cooperation with India is evolving.

Suraj  Mohan

Co-Founder, Solavio labs

A wearable device helps medical practitioner’s data transfer to stakeholders to determine the medical treatment and in faster diagnosis. With this innovative idea, Suraj won the Falling Walls Lab India 2020. Suraj’s start-up experience includes being the Co-Founder of Fixodo and Solavio Labs. Suraj will share how the participation in Falling Walls benefited his ideas and helped develop his international network.  

Mithun Parambath

CEO, 4Pilots

The Germany based start-up 4Pilots wants to make driving safe by combining AI with infrared and image sensors. The start-up is founded in Germany by an Indo-German team. Mithun, a biophysical chemist with a passion for business and entrepreneurship, will give an insight in his start-up journey and explain why he and his co-founder opted to incubate their start-up at the University of Applied Science Jena.

Jens Hagemeyer

Co-Founder, ParaXent GmbH

ParaXent GmbH is a spin-off targeting the development of highly scalable FPGA systems for rapid prototyping and high-performance computing. ParaXent is a co-developer and equity partners of CubeBioAI, a start-up in Bengaluru focusing on the discovery of drug repurposing candidates using AI and data analytic techniques. The co-founder of Paraxent, Jens, will talk about his cooperation with India and why the two start-ups decided to join hands.

Dr. Katja Lasch

Director, DWIH New Delhi

DWIH supports incubators at research institutions and universities from India and Germany to expand their international network and their science-based start-ups to go international at an early-stage. Offers include advice on start-up ecosystems, networking, workshops and onsite exposure.