Webinar Series on German Start-up and Entrepreneurship Scene: Connect with Germany to grow your start-up

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The DWIH New Delhi will facilitate two online discussions. German experts will provide in insight into the German support system for entrepreneurs and research-based start-ups.

Entrepreneurship and start-ups have become, over the last decade, an important part of the national economic development strategies of countries worldwide, as they are key drivers of innovation. Higher education and research institutions play a central role in the innovation process as major facilitators of the transfer of research results into innovative products and processes. In Germany as well as in India, public bodies are strongly supporting innovation activities within higher education and research institutions, including research based start-ups. In addition to fostering the innovation system within national boundaries, the international dimension of entrepreneurship and start-ups is also gaining importance. International entrepreneurship – the conducting of activities by an entrepreneur across national boundaries – opens new opportunities for entrepreneurs in an early stage.

The experts will also discuss and answer the questions from the audience.


  • The German start-ups and entrepreneurship scene
  • Incubation at German universities and research institutions
  • Funding of high-tech start-ups in Germany
  • Opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs and research-based start-ups in Germany

Tentative Programme

Day 1: 05.05.2020 (5 pm to 6 pm IST)

Start-up and Entrepreneurship in Germany

Day 2: 06.05.2020 (5 pm to 6 pm IST)

Start-up initiatives connecting India and Germany


Event Information

May 5 to 6, 2020

Organizer: DWIH New Delhi