Science Circle Lecture “Liberty and Security at Times of International Terrorism” by Prof. Dieter Grimm

© DWIH New Delhi

The German House for Research and Innovation, DWIH-New Delhi together with the German Embassy organized a Science Circle Lecture on ‘Liberty and Security at Times of International Terrorism’ at the German House, New Delhi on 10th January 2017. Former Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany and Professor of Humboldt University Berlin and Yale Law School, Prof. Dieter Grimm was the speaker of this lecture.

During this event, Prof. Grimm touched upon the pressing issues of how one defines liberty and security and how to strike a balance between the two depending upon the magnitude of threat from terrorism. He placed a strong focus on making ‘liberty secure’ so that people don’t regard these as antagonistic, but rather consider them as one. The talk that attracted many from the field of law, emphasized the need for weighting protection of individual rights against the need to protect society from terrorism. Moreover, in his talk Prof. Grimm also quoted real life examples such as those of the 9/11 attacks and some others related to the German Constitutional Court.

The lecture was also followed by a lively Q&A session where audiences asked many interesting questions to Prof. Grimm and got a detailed insight into this increasingly relevant topic in the face of the current global scenario.

Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Venue: German House, New Delhi