Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies

The Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies in Delhi is one of the leading agencies supporting German research in the humanities abroad.

It operates a network of institutes and branch offices around the world, with each having autonomy of research. These serve as a bridge between the host nations and Germany and play an important role in international academia. Being a multi-polar network, the institutes collaborate with each other in promoting research internationalisation and pursue the foundation’s official goal of fostering mutual understanding between Germany and the host countries. The foundation was established by the German Parliament and has its central office in Bonn. It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The foundation’s institutes have their own research focus, which is developed in close collaboration with scholars in the respective host countries. It was in this spirit that the India Branch Office (IBO) in New Delhi was established in 2014 to promote Indo-German collaborative research in the humanities and social sciences. The IBO’s main function is to build research contacts and collaborations between Indian, German and international humanities and social science research through long-term research projects, conferences, workshops, lectures and related forms of activity. Its current research consists of individual and group projects on the following themes: the history and sociology of education and its relationship with poverty; labour history; the politics of history and heritage and the movement of peoples, ideas and images.

In addition, the IBO is a partner in several Indo-German collaborations. The most prominent of these is ICAS:MP, a collaboration of six Indian and German research institutions. It is one of the Merian Centres funded by the BMBF. All Merian Centres are Institutes of Advanced Study with the aim of promoting bi- and multilateral exchange in the humanities and social sciences. At the core of ICAS:MP’s work is a fellowship programme for junior and senior scholars, primarily from India and Germany, but also for scholars from other countries working on the ‘Metamorphoses of the Political in the Long 20th Century’. The Max Weber Stiftung is the consortium coordinator of ICAS:MP.

Where to find us

Max Weber Foundation – German Humanities Institutes Abroad

Address: 53 Lodi Estate, Ground Floor, Council for Social Development (CSD) Building, K.K. Birla Lane, New Delhi 110003
Phone: +91-11- 41500337/335