Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies

As the 11th institute of Max Weber Foundation, the Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies serves as a bridge between the academic communities in its host country India, the wider South Asian region, and Germany.

The Forum seeks to establish and deepen contacts and networks in South Asia-related research, but also engages in its research activities on the subcontinent. In doing so, it facilitates research on South Asia in South Asia and with South Asia. Our research agenda is marked by interdisciplinary approaches that allow us to cover the wide field of South Asia-related disciplines in present-day Germany. Our primary focus is the study of Knowledges, yet the Forum is always open for ideas and initiatives beyond this research focus in cooperation with its German, South Asian, and international partners.

Among its most prominent cooperating partners is the interdisciplinary centre ICAS:MP, a collaboration of six German and Indian research institutes that is part of the Merian Centres funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) in Germany. Merian Centres are set up with the aim to strengthen the internationalization of bilateral and multilateral exchange in the social sciences and humanities. Key to the work of ICAS:MP is an extensive fellowship programme for scholars from India, Germany, and the rest of the world whose work studies the “Metamorphoses of the Political in the Long Twentieth Century.”

Where to find us

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