PhD Positions for Plant Proteomics, Bioinformatics & Biology at TUM

The Elite Network of Bavaria-funded graduate college “The Proteomes that Feed the World” at the School of Life Sciences, Technical University of Munich invites applications for 12 Doctoral Candidates (f/m/d) for Plant Proteomics, Bioinformatics and Biology.

The opportunity: Plants are the nutritional basis of life on earth and protein-rich foods from plants are a global megatrend essential for sustaining an increasing human population and counteracting climate change. However, little is known about crop proteomes – the entirety of proteins that execute and control nearly every aspect of life. Therefore, TUM has launched a visionary initiative with high socio-economic relevance on the topic of “The Proteomes that Feed the World”. This international doctoral program peruses the following major aims:

1. To train and develop future leaders in science, industry and society who excel in research, management and communication. This will be achieved by implementing a professional training and project management structure in which doctoral candidates (DCs) master challenging roles, take on substantial responsibility and acquire important transferable skills.

2. To create a proteome atlas of the 100 most important crop plants for human nutrition. This project brings together an interdisciplinary team with leading expertise in plant science, proteomics and bioinformatics. Added value comes from a large international network of excellent academic and industry partners as well as a vibrant local scientific community.

3. To perform internationally competitive crop plant research for which DCs will obtain their academic degrees. Topics cover improving yield, quantity and quality, exploiting interactions with insects, microbes, the soil, the climate, protecting plants from pests and pathogens and building molecular and digital research tools.

Application Details

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Applications with required information must be sent to

Deadline- 31 March 2022