Climate Research in Germany: Programmes, Scholarships, and Awards

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Germany is a hotspot for climate (and climate change) research.

Since 2007, climate researchers in Germany have joined forces in the German Climate Consortium. Besides PIK (which was founded in 1992) and the AWI, more than 20 other research institutions and universities belong to the consortium, as do official agencies such as the German Environment Agency, Germany’s national meteorological service Deutscher Wetterdienst and the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.

(Source: Research in Germany)

Below, you will find a list (not exhaustive) of Programmes, Scholarships, and Awards for Climate Research in Germany.

International Climate Protection Fellowship for young climate experts from developing countries

With the International Climate Protection Fellowships, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation enables prospective leaders in academia and industry to implement a research-based proposal in the field of climate protection or climate-related resource conservation during a one-year stay in Germany.


Indo-German Centre for Sustainability (IGCS) Scholarships

IGCS awards scholarships to students and researchers whose projects on sustainability issues benefit from a research exchange to India or Germany. The scholarship consists of a mobility grant and accommodation grant.


Green Talents Award

Every year, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) hosts the prestigious Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development to promote the international exchange of innovative green ideas from various fields of research. The award, under the patronage of Minister Anja Karliczekhonours young researchers each year.


The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS) Fellow Programme

The IASS Fellow Programme is inspired by the Potsdam Memorandum’s call to gather all sources of ingenuity and inspiration from academia, politics, business and civil society to address the sustainability challenges of our time.


The Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

The Allianz Climate Risk Research Award supports scientific research that improves our understanding of climate change-related risks.  The Award is intended to support researchers whose research focuses on:

  • Reducing the risk of extreme weather events that are intensified by climate change
  • Fostering resilience by applying technological solutions