Perspectives from India

Interview with Mr. Pawan Mulukutla

In this interview with Mr. Pawan Mulukutla, we delve into India’s ongoing efforts to achieve a sustainable and decarbonized economy. Mr. Mulukutla, who heads the Integrated Transport, Electric Mobility & Hydrogen programs at WRI India, sheds light on the organization’s key projects in these areas and discusses the crucial topics that India needs to focus on to meet its NetZero and Renewable Energy targets, emphasizing the significance of electric mobility, green hydrogen, and renewable energy in this regard.


Video Interview: Ms. Shipra Mishra

In this insightful discussion with Ms. Shipra Mishra, the CEO and MD of the Science and Technology Cluster in Delhi, also known as DRIIV, we dive into the activities and initiatives of DRIIV, an ecosystem that brings together industry, academia, and government bodies to drive innovation from the laboratory to the market. We discussed valuable insights into the work of DRIIV and its contribution to India's sustainable future through the promotion of innovation, renewable energy, and the adoption of electric mobility solutions.